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Health Program Specialist II - Senior Policy Specialist

Job Number: 5600813
Location: Headquarters - Elk Grove
Department Name: California Correctional Health Care Services
Region: Northern California
Time Base/FT/PT: Full Time
Closing Date/FFD: Until Filled
Health Program Specialist II - Senior Policy Specialist
$74,556 - $93,324 Annual Range

A Health Program Specialist II functions as a highly skilled, technical program consultant in programs which are critical to the department's basic mission; provides consultation to State, Federal and local agencies in the planning, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of health programs, special studies or projects; develops, evaluates and researches health policy issues; coordinates health program activities; disseminates information to agencies; prepares, monitors and evaluates contracts for compliance with health regulations; develops and submits grant proposals for funding; defines new programs and identifies resources required; applies and recommends changes in health regulations; policies and procedures; plans and performs staff work for health-related advisory committees and performs other related duties.

Please review the appropriate bulletin/assessment on the Bulletin Page for the Minimum Qualifications and, if qualified, complete the Assessment according to the instructions.
Interested applicants must submit a "Statement of Qualifications" (SOQ) along with a completed Standard State Application (Form 678). Once you have submitted your job application, please email your additional documents to and include the Job Control (JC) number 203940 and position number 065-934-8336-001 in the subject line.  Please respond to the following:
Please note: The SOQ should by typed, no more than two pages in length, and you must restate the questions. Please make sure your response specifically relate to and answer each question. If a SOQ is not submitted or the questions below not addressed, then candidate will not be considered for an interview. SOQ’s should be submitted via email to the
Detail your experience, including length of time, program and organization/agency performing the following responsibilities:

1. What is your experience with researching and evaluating health and justice policies and programs using both qualitative and quantitative methods?  Please provide an example. 

2. What is your experience analyzing legislation, regulations and other proposed policy changes? Describe your experience with writing policy recommendations, issue papers, and reports. Please provide an example. 

3. Describe your experience leading projects and project management skills. Have you ever lead a research or evaluation project? Describe how your approach influenced project outcomes. 

4. What is your experience developing strategic professional relationships? Have you led workgroups or committees at the state and/or local level? Please provide an example, including the outcomes achieved. 

Applicants who fail to submit an SOQ will be eliminated.  Resumes and/or cover letters do not take the place of the SOQ. 
How To Apply: You may apply for this position by clicking "Apply Now" on the top or bottom of this page.
Contact Alicia McIntyre at for your questions regarding the application process, and status of your application. 
"CCHCS uses E-Verify in its hiring practices to achieve a lawful workforce.  For more information about E-Verify, please go to"

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